Friday, 28 February 2014

One Friday Night...

I like Barinas  They're like the old VW Bugs, which I also like; they just keep on keeping on.  Very little goes wrong with them mechanically.  They run on the smell of an oily rag.  They are the perfect car for the woman who cares nothing about the horsepower under the hood or the aesthetics of the vehicle but only for the fact that when she turns the key the ignition fires & she has forward motion!

Our mainland car is a barina.  It is very old & has seen better days & very soon it will have to be replaced.  I will be rather sad when that happens as it is The Car God Sent Us ~ which you can read about here.  It was only ever meant for either Libby alone as she zipped round Brizzie, or for Cait & I together as I toted said child to rehearsals & performances.

However we have been taking a friend with us to Friday church.  Friend & I normally share the back seat ~ which is a little awkward but possible.  Friday we also had to accommodate Cait.  We were hip to hip with no spare space at all & generating a lot of body heat.  Poor Cait was dolled up to the max for audition purposes & hopeful of keeping her hair & dress in place until we threw her out as she was getting a lift to the rehearsal location with another chorister.  From that point on   this is why I now own a mobile. Cait rang when she couldn't find her lift.  She rang when she found her lift.  I rang to check on her audition, her homeward bound progress, & whether I needed to wait for her on the mainland.  While she doesn't think she scored a solo part she should find herself in the chorus ~ which means we are in for even more rehearsals.  I am tired just thinking about it.  Sadly I do not think I like the music for this.  I thought they would give it an authentic Celtic sound but they have not.  It just sounds like a poor rendition of Tommy. *sigh*

I have been spoilt & what I am listening to Exaudi rehearse just now is absolutely glorious.  When I actually know what it is I'll let you all know too.

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  1. May you always have your transportation needs for the mainland!