Thursday, 6 March 2014

Callbacks & flashbacks.

It has been one of *those* weeks.  You know the ones.  The ones where you're sleeping standing between one port of call & the next.  The ones where food is grabbed on the run & you haven't seen your own bed in a while.  The ones where the cats are in meltdown every time you see them.  One of those.

Not all of it is Cait's fault.  So this is how it went:  Monday rehearsal at Cooparoo after 5pm but not real late home.  Tuesday prayer meeting 7.30 am to 8.30; Reading with grade 6/7 at 9am.  Wednesday get on a 9am boat with Ryan to drive him to the airport.  Rush home for bible study at 12.30; Pick up Cait from work & scramble for the 5.40 boat for her callback for Boudicea at Cooparoo.  Home midnight.  Thursday catalog all John's 55c stamps & head in to Thursday's rehearsal; home midnight.  Tonight is church, home midnight; Saturday Cait has a performance & somewhere in that muddle Ryan returns home.  Sunday I preach.  Monday The girl has appointments all day followed by rehearsal.

Yes, we are tired.  Even Cait is complaining.  It could be worse.  They could have shut the doors at both rehearsal & auditions.  They didn't.  I got to be vastly entertained by grown men & women letting their inner child loose. *grin*  Sooo worth it.  And as I pointed out to Cait, I've done theatre so I know exactly what they are looking for with all the nonsense.  It is not just about team work.  It is far more subtle.  Are you able to catch an innovative idea & run with it?  Are you the innovator?  Can you work with someone else's ideas?  How do you make them your own? Are you easily upset or thrown by the unexpected? Do you claim your personal space?  Do you have presence?  No, not just about whether you can act & sing.  Some of the best singers are incredibly stiff on stage.  Not what you want for a rock opera or musical.

The first lot of singers drifted out after 9pm.  No Cait.  Now I know Cait was pretty tired & had had a full day's work but she was pretty focused.  I know.  As we drifted into the foyer we passed the producers, who all nodded & said hello.  I grinned & said hi back.  Cait didn't even see them, let alone hear them.  A bit later one came out for the bubbler & chatted for a bit over what I was reading [something rather dull that Luke thought I would enjoy] & it was obvious that I had one ear tuned to the audition & the occasional eye on it's doings but the door remained open!  So I got to hear Cait sing her solo with the others held over.  I don't often get to hear Cait sing at her best.  Usually I get the hammy version! She doesn't have one of those strong fill~the~mead hall voices but there is a richness & mellowness to her tone that is just lovely.  There were a couple of others with a similar sound.  She was pretty happy overall though in all honesty she isn't expecting a solo part.  This was as much about experience & putting herself out there as anything else.

Anyway I was rather floored when I went to read up at school that it was all over the school how Miss Caitlin was auditioning for a *real* production ~ which I just find terribly, terribly funny.  There was some talk of rounding up the school & taking everyone to see, it!!!  Horror from both Cait & I as  [if you know Bouddica's story at all] it is rather nasty & there is some nudity in this production; you'll know where if you know the story.  Not for children, no.  And I re~neg on what I said about the music.  Whatever they were singing on Wednesday was truly lovely.  Not particularly Celtic but not horrible either.

Other music includes Imogean Heap's Hide and Seek; Allegri's Miserere Mei Deus; Vella's In Nominine ~ which I can't find a link for.  Lots & lots of lovely music sung beautifully.

So Dearest & I are already discussing attending a matinee for Boudicea ~ which for Dearest will be huge.  He never goes anywhere & has rarely gone to any of Cait's concerts.

But the best bit is none of this.  This is what we do.  We run round like maniacs & Cait says things like, So who's idea was it to live on an island, anyway?   We stay up too late & eat peculiar meals at cheap eateries & Cait spins like a top.  Thursday, as I drove the girl in to work she says, Out of the Blue, Thank you, mum.  Mum, not Mother. For what?  I can't think of anything particularly special I've done recently.  Oh you know, Cait said airily, for taking me to rehearsals & auditions & stuff.  I really appreciate it.  Just so you know. Yep.  Mad as a Hatter, but such a nice girl!

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  1. Your run-around life tires me just to read about it! And it is nice to have the sacrifices you have made to be noticed with a small, but sincere, thank you, isn't it?