Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Real friends live in my computer too.

I have never understood people who say on~line friendships are not real friendships.  Indeed for the introverts amongst us on~line friendships are easier to maintain than other sorts; they are far less draining of our limited resources.  Besides I maintain it is often easier to know who someone really is from what they write ~ & how they write it.  So if you are on my friends list you know, I consider you a real friend, the sort you think about at odd moments, the sort you pray for, the sort you look forward to hearing from.

I have been particularly blessed with my on~line friendships.  There are those of you I have known for years & years & years now.  I've watched your kids grow up.  You've travelled with me through crashed blogs, musical mishaps, homeschooling disasters, & all the ups & downs of life.  Some of you I can pin point the very moment we first got to know each other.

This is the case for the Hojos.  They are English ~ but we'll forgive them that.  They can't help it.  Accident of their birth & all that.  Besides they redeemed themselves somewhat by residing in Australia for a number of years.  Their only mistake was choosing the wrong coast!

So it's quite true; I have never ever met them IRL.  I do remember how I met them though.  I had on my blog at the time a pic that amused my small mind.  It looked like this:

And amongst my comments one day I found a very polite note requesting permission to *steal* my pic.  As it is a photobucket image it was *public domain* & not mine to say yay or nay about.

Thus began a quiet but ongoing friendship despite the fact the Hojos are lousy at keeping up their blog now they are back in England. [We're friends; I can tease like that] We do FB instead.  I know about their new venture: Sails Cafe ~ link.  How they have transitioned back into the English landscape ~ & I about turned green with  envy when I saw where they had chosen to make their new home!

Home of King Arthur.
Tristan & Iseuylt.
Tintagel Castle.

I have been here.  To say it is suppassingly beautiful is not to do it justice.  It is glorious!  Spectacular.  Wonderful. I want to go back!

Anyway, as I said, The Hojos have known me for a long time; long enough to have endured me blathering on about Arthur & the Celts; Tintagel & Merlin; Minack ~ & all the wonder & the glory of a fascinating history.

As I said, I have been blessed in my on~line friendships.  Yesterday a parcel arrived from England.

I am practically drooling.

Thank you, Hojos.

You are a blessing in my life.


  1. Happy that you too have beautiful online relationships. Yes my best friends live in the computer too - and I am very blessed by them. :)

  2. Very thoughtful of them. Sometimes I think my life would be pretty lonely without my computer buddies!

  3. Yes I have a lot of friends in my computer too, ones I value immensely like you :)