Wednesday, 14 May 2014

It never rains but it pours.

My girls are the practical sort.  They can cook & navigate & problem solve.  Really.  They can.

Lib's a classic.  Her solution to getting lost in Brizzy?  Ring home.  Our conversations would go like this:

Mum, I'm standing on the corner of such & such & I need to get to such & such.  Would you go on Google maps & tell me how to get there from here?

So why would I be surprised to get a skype message from the child on the other side of the world at 2am her time going:  I have an assignment due in an hour.  Would you read over it & say if I've covered everything? Ummm....

In the middle of our conversation on covenants her brother arrives home from work & proceeds to dip his oar in the water as well.

I know you're all going, Awww, that's so sweet.... so I'm guessing I'm not the only one this happens to.  And those of you in the know will be nodding sagely thinking. Experienced homeschooler...Hah!  Libby is one of my kinesthetic ones.  She & I don't even begin to share the same headspace.  Her sentences quickly become long & convoluted.  Given just an hour I couldn't even begin to deal with her grammar.  Now don't get me wrong.  There is generally nothing wrong with her content but I learnt a long time ago the easiest way to not be misunderstood is to apply KISS.  My writing tends to be blunt & to the point ~ & as a rule I keep my sentences short.  That way I can be pretty sure of maintaining a grip on my content.  One reason I dislike the Victorians.  No~one has any business writing a sentence that is long enough to create a paragraph on its own!  I digress.

Now first thing in the morning after a good night's sleep I would probably be as sharp as a wet cornflake & have some hope of dealing with Lib's request.  It was not first thing in the morning.  It was dinner time.  I was trying to make my carnivores meatballs [I left out the onion...ewww] after a very full day because Tuesday starts early.  Yes, all my days start early but most days I revert to coffee after I drop the lad to his boat & stare vacantly at FB until I'm nominally awake.  Tuesdays start with a bang.  I have to make sure the house is tidy enough for the prayer group [& as Cait is out singing Monday night & we get home latish it almost never is], that bibles & notes are to hand & I have Dearest up & semi~functional.  He too needs plenty of caffeine.

Then the bible study I was attending has ended & the leader will not be resuming so after some discussion we are beginning our own.  Book chosen but not yet here so after our prayer session we have been doing some short studies from online preaching I have found particularly good.  Only this Tuesday, having warned people it was super long, we did Walid Shoebat & if you have ever listened to him you know he has you scrabbling through the bible at a frantic rate of knots.  His biblical knowledge is phenomenal & although I have listened to this particular message several times I am still hearing things I missed the first time round.  Not for the faint~hearted. [And in case you're wondering the island internet is almost non~existent on most of the island so most Christians can't access this stuff at home.]

I then did Dearest's paperwork & mailing so was hardly at my most coherent when Lib skyped.  I can only hope I was some sort of help.  It's not that I don't know this stuff & Google is wonderful for all those bible verses you know but can't remember where they come from but the origin of my knowledge was derived from an out of print book I don't own & delivered via lecture so citations were not possible ~ perish the thought I made the notations on my study notes at the time!   

And just for fun Lib is studying through Malyon.  Um, yeah.  So some of the verses that I consider standard for covenant understanding Lib had never heard before. There is no redemption without the shedding of blood.  The life of the flesh is in the is the blood that maketh atonement for the soul...Lib is one of my more detail orientated children & I'm a big picture thinker so, yeah, that was fun.  I mean for me, once I start doing Connect the Dots I can go on forever!  And all over the shop.  You say covenant to me & I go straight to the cross because every covenant there ever was between God & man was just a foreshadowing of the cross.  Talk about driving Libby wild.  She, sensibly, wanted to stick to the parameters of her subject matter as she saw it.

One subject down.  Meanwhile back at the ranch...Ryan's opening gambit as we went to the boat this morning : Mum, have you ever seen into the Spirit Realm?  Give me strength....


  1. Oh my dear sweet girl, how have I managed to stay away from here for so long? Just reading your words felt like a nice warm hug, a sweet mug of tea and a chat with you all rolled into one! I was thinking how nice it would be to do a Bible study with you.. I could learn so much! Wonder if there'd be any way a group of us could do a study together over skype?? (dreaming the impossible dream here as always) <3 ((hugs)) <3

  2. Well, Diane, we will be using Perry Stone's Code of the Holy Spirit & starting about 10am our time. Any time you wanted to hook up I'm sure we could organise something as we are not a large group. Ditto for prayer which starts at 7.30 am. Or you could read & we can chat on FB messenger or email. I'm pretty flexible that way. ;) I miss you, but I know your life is really busy. Thank you for your sweet words. There might be an ocean between us but our hearts beat as one. ☺