Sunday, 11 May 2014

Making Mum Happy.

Everyone in this house knows that if you want to make mum happy you buy her books.  I am that boring & predictable.  And chocolate.  Dark & nutty ~ or shells.  Shells are goooood!

At some point on Sunday both materialized.

I had in mind to acquire The Language of God ~ which was recommended to me by my good friend, Jeanne at A Peaceful Day.  As Cait was buying & fluey our hunting was left to the last minute & I couldn't find what I wanted.  However I do want this book.  It will just have to wait for another time.  Instead Cait bought me Philippa Gregory's The White Princess.

I have always been surprised by how much I have enjoyed this series, which is not only right out of my time period historically but in a period I particularly dislike.  It has made clear & understandable the War of The Roses.  Simply grasping that this was primarily a very public family feud made it much easier to grasp the intricacies ~ at least for me.  I'm not a fan of the Tudors, who were a ghastly lot ~ though perhaps I should blame Margaret Beaufort , who is quite one of the nastiest characters in English history & spawned this diabolical dynasty.  Being me I have made this all so much easier to grasp by reading the whole thing out of order, stating with The Other Boleyn Girl before it became well known & a rather notorious & bad film.  What is very attractive historically is that Gregory looks at all this male history through the eyes of their women.  I think she does a pretty good job of it.

I am also plodding my way through Kafka on the Shore.  This is a book club choice & not the sort of thing I would normally indulge in simply because I find the main character hugely annoying [spoilt runaway obsessed with his body. *sigh*].  Then there is all the discussion about food which bores me to tears.  I would have set it aside as completely unreadable except that 2 people whose opinion as readers I respect encouraged me to give it some time.  I am reading the mystery sequences, which are lovely & interesting & skimming a lot of the rest.  However it has grown on me & I am enjoying the writing style, which took a little getting used to but which is strangely evocative of time & place.  And I've decided anyone who reads as much as Kafka does cannot be all bad.  He just needs to grow up some ~ though I am not convinced that that is going to happen in the course of this book.  I don't have much tolerance for coming of age stories & unlike my friend Sian can find no parallels with Holden Caufield of Catcher in the Rye fame.  And I dislike cruelty to animals ~ even to animals who do not exist, who live only in stories.

Today is warmer than it has been.  The skies are blue & clear.  The sun is cozy.  There is washing on the line & cats on the beds & all is well with my world.


  1. Howdy! I've actually been reading some, on my phone's Kindle. Tolstoy of all things. Glad you got some goodies. Is it Mother's Day there today? (yesterday!) In England it's a different day from the US, but since you got presents...
    Sorry I've been so quiet.

  2. Mothering Sunday & Mother's Day are 2 separate events here. Sunday was Mother's Day. We don't fuss about this much but Cait likes any excuse to buy me something. Nice kid! ☺ I'm not a Tolstoy fan. I prefer Dostoevsky. So much darker & more intense ~ but then Anna Karenina drove me completely nuts so hardly surprising.

  3. Mmmmm. Did someone say shells?

    1. Would you like one, Jeanne? I have plenty for sharing. ;)

  4. I'm glad you've had some of what you love -- books, treats, sunshine, cats dozing, etc. You bless and should be blessed. ;) xoxo

  5. Thank you, Julie. I hope you too had a nice day. ♥

  6. I found your blog again... great to read it, and to see your two wonderful daughters.

    I will copy you,

    Everyone in this house knows that if you want to make mum happy you buy her books. I am that boring & predictable. And chocolate. Dark & nutty ~ or shells. Shells are goooood!


    I never thought about shells, but now you mentioned them... they are beautiful, yes.