Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A little Catchee~upee.

The lad believes in getting up close & personal.  He believes in touching noses & whiskers that just, & only just, tickle your face.  He believes in deep rumbling purrs & making sure I'm where I should be.  Our unsettled routine does not make him happy & he has yet to adjust to the strangers that arrive on Tuesday mornings for prayer.

It is about to get worse.  This Friday Cait is auditioning for the choir in Boudicea, the rock opera. You can read about it here & on the left you can click to listen to snippets.  Opens in May at  the La Boite Theatre.  That child really needs to get her licence.  One of us going insane will be quite enough.  Two could be disastrous.

We are playing in the big people's sandpit now.  No~one's even pretending to protect the younger singers.  Breathing.  Cait's head is pretty well screwed on & she has inherited her mother's cynical & sarcastic outlook on life.  Just the same Cait is not quite as savvy as she thinks she is & at heart she is a good old fashioned sweetie.  Until, as they say, she loses it.  Oh.  My.  Being round her is so not the place to be when that happens!

Today I am joining a bible study group which I am a little unsure about.  The study itself looks fine but it is run by an Anglican lady using a charismatic study guide & most of the attendees are not charismatic.  The mind boggles.  I have to leave early as I have to be back in time to do afternoon tea with a lady involved in this ministry...She is new to the island, homeschools & showed up at church on Sunday.  As we are told to practice hospitality I have invited her but have no idea what to do with her.  However she is an evangelist [I think all evangelists are quite mad] so not short on being able to out~talk me.  This is a good thing!  I actually really like her son.  He is a history freak so we have something in common despite the fact he prefers modern over ancient & is rather political.  I can do that.  I'm not so sure I can manage the theology with his mother.  And round here we all know how I feel about evangelism. *sigh*

The other morning I woke to Marlow growling.  As that cat is such a major wimp growling is almost unheard of but there he was, larger than life, crouched aggressively over a tiny little mouse ~ which explained all the banging & crashing coming from the kitchen earlier as Kirby & Marlow tag~team each other when they hunt.  Mostly Kirby hunts until the terrified critter blunders into Marlow who is too astonished to do more than resort to instinct.  I do not react well to mouse crisis in the middle of the night [it was still darkish so not time to get up yet] so miggy mouse met an untimely end  downstairs in the garage.

And we have rain!  Just a little.  Not enough to even dampen the topsoil really but, oh! so much better than the soaring temperatures & humid mugginess we have had for most of this summer.  And this is our wet season.  Um, I can see another water crisis looming.

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  1. just did a quick catch up of my own on your blog:) been a crazy busy time for me! Fiji sounds exciting, as does what you're already doing!