Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Grumpy Old Lady.

The older I get the less I enjoy the insanity at this time of year.

Cait & I have been singing in town all week.  The traffic is giving us the heebies.  The crowds are unbelievable.  We missed our call time last night because Grey Street Bridge  traffic wasn't moving yet still waited nearly 20 minutes to begin while the people just kept coming.

My cats misbehave when I'm not home.  They won't come for John or Ryan so most nights we find them sitting waiting for us in the walkway to the house looking like butter wouldn't melt ~ as cats do.

I feel for Cait, who has worked & studied all year & just when she should be looking forward to some down time she has Centrelink all over her to find work.  Seriously?  They have her trotting off to one of these employment agencies who don't know what to do with her because: rant coming up: her part time/casual work pays way more per hour than they get & she earns more than they do!!!  Yeah I know.  The stupidity of it makes my blood boil.  I won't tell you how much she is earning per hour on Christmas Day but it is some serious money.  What's more, she has more work than she can possibly manage lined up for next year: The school has indicated she will be employed again [& given our brilliant government that was uncertain due to cuts to education].  She has been offered goffer stuff for Creative Gen., which has her excited.  She has odd~bobs coming up babysitting & teaching various instruments.  She isn't lazy.  She isn't unemployed, as such.  She's just not working 5 days a week at the usual sort of things.  She's not expending most of her earnings travelling to said job so why would she even want to travel to the mainland to work at Coles or Woolies for a pittance that would mostly go on transport costs?  Argh!  We are hoping for one more day's work next year, which would allow her to completely ditch Centrelink.  Can you tell?  It makes me spit chips.

I think I am turning into a Grumpy Old Lady. Hmph!


  1. It is great to hear of the alternative jobs Cait has. Much better than the usuals you mention anyway if you can get it. Centrelink, from experience, is not always easy to deal with.

  2. No, Julie, Centrelink is not. *sigh* They want everyone in a neat little box tied up with string. I think Cait gets tired of explaining that she has actually trained, she's not just some dumb star~struck kid who wants to be famous. If kids actually knew how boring so much of what she does is, far fewer of them would want to do it. It is mind~numbingly dull. Given how many kids over here don't even try [because there's no work on the island & it's too expensive to job hunt on the mainland] I think they should back off & leave the kid alone. She got a qualification AND worked all year.