Thursday, 19 December 2013

Meanderings of a Displaced Homebody.

 Brisbane: the city I love to hate.  And we get to admire it because we sit on the bridge for at least 20 minutes while the buses rumble past us at lightening speed & if you blink you miss the light change, it's that fast.  I'm sure there are things to like about Brisbane but I'm not a city girl.  Sitting on Adelaide Street yesterday with the skyscrapers towering, buses trying to share our lane & more people rushing by than my mind can comprehend I was not a happy bunny.  Cait pointed to a blue sky gap between the buildings & as I focused my relieved attention on space & light & air I noticed the glass side of the building seemed to be hurtling downward.  Oh.  My.  One of those awful elevators that let you watch yourself plummeting earthward.  I don't know why people pay to ride those things in Dreamworld when you can do it for free in town!

As a performer free parking has been made available this year, which means a sharp left off Adelaide & straight down into the car park hole.  We missed it the first time in & had to go round again, as always with these things, with one eye on the clock, conscious of call times, start times & that there might not be anyone else to supervise the littlies ~ Cait is singing with them to help supervise.

The first day we lost the car.  Yep.  Neither of us could remember where we left it & it was nowhere to be seen on the level I was sure it was on!  I had the right level but neither of us had realised the levels were split...*sigh*

As part of the whole Parade Experience the combined choirs often meet up at Jojos after for a quick drink & a meal.  We've never done it 1. because I haven't had the spare cash 2. Cait was too young 3. we always have a boat to catch 4. I don't socialise well.  Now of course Cait is an adult so things are different & she has heard so much about Jojos I knew she'd want to go, at least once, just so she could say she had.

 We haven't raised our kids to be complete yobs.  They know how to order a nice meal & use their table manners when out in public but Jojos is something else entirely.  It is huge, noisy & crowded ~ & at the bar nothing is simple.  There is no such thing as a plain soft drink.  We still haven't worked out what they call these things but for a soft drink with a sprig of mint & a slice of lemon Cait forked out $7.50!  I think that is outrageous ~ so, I'm a scrooge.  Shoot me.  I get Jojos is catering for the city yuppie crowd & it is obviously hugely popular given it was packed to the walls & the staff were run off their feet but for my money you couldn't hear yourself think & carrying on a sensible conversation was next to impossible, even out on the balcony.  I think Cait is planning to go back Sunday ~ after our last performance & having a proper meal.

Anyway, as we haven't parked somewhere we've been before, getting back out of Brissie has been an experience.  We've come out 3 different ways over 3 different bridges; I think Cait's got it sorted now but as we hurtled down the highway she pointed out it would be quicker coming down Old Cleveland Road.  So it would ~ if that's the direction she headed in the beginning.  But see, there's Vulture Street...Cait mewled as the sign loomed.  Indeed, but as my Brissie friends know the bottom end of Vulture street is a one way street ~ & not going towards Cleveland!

As always our biggest hurdle is boats.  Everyone else is home & relaxing before we are even on a boat & we have been cooling our heels for a good hour.   One of the nicer things in Brisbane is the way they decorate the trees with fairy lights.  So pretty.  They have always charmed Cait & of course her flighty little heart rejoices in all the glitz & glitter  & bling that goes with Christmas so rather than cooling our heels at the jetty we have meandered through the back streets looking at all the Christmas lights, charmed by the fairy trees & amazed at the huge displays of showering lights, prancing deer, bloated Santas... Some displays are truly spectacular though I shudder at the thought of their electricity bill...
Then the carol book was handed out on Wednesday night for Christmas Day & my sweet child now has 20 odd carols to learn the alto part for, with the understanding she needs to nail it because she may be the only alto & they will be on stage & miked.... I know what we will be listening to between now & Christmas. I am looking forward to it all being over.

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