Sunday, 8 December 2013

It has begun.
Silly Season is in full swing.

In all innocence I lugged the child off to her first rehearsal for the Myer Parade Saturday afternoon, armed with several books, all prepared to hunker down in the foyer for several hours.  Bonus was the chappie with a thicker book than I had & while I am not a sci/fi aficionado I can throw a few names around with aplomb!

Just as we were settling in Alison's right hand man passed by, noticed I seemed to have nothing to do but chat aimlessly, told me to grab some music & head into rehearsal! Hah!  So I did.

Oh. My.

Some time between now & the first performance on Wednesday I need a small miracle!  I have co~ordination problems on a good day.  Being expected to march in time, count, dance & sing the most bizarre version of jingle bells ever is expecting possibly more than I am capable of. Hey~ho, it's off to work we go...

On Friday we have our island carols ~ at which the girl is once again doing a duet with her paternal grandmother.  The whole island thinks this is incredibly sweet...

Meanwhile from now till New Year's we are up to our ears either in rehearsals or performances. *sigh* Busy, busy, busy.

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