Friday, 7 June 2013

Welcome Home, Libby!

 Thursday night this was Caitie on the island jetty as we headed down to the Gold Coast airport.  Cait especially chose the pink because it's the colour  Lib most loves to hate.
And this was Libby when we finally got home on the first boat of the next morning!

Five lots of roadworks we had to negotiate!  Both ways!  The engine doesn't like idling & overheated.  The first Servo we pulled into had just been robbed & was in lock~down.  They got robbed again before we got home.  By the same person.  Gotta wonder where some people leave their brains.

Lib's plane was late.  We were late.  The highway was in Go Slow mode.  We missed the last boat home & spent the night in the car.  I missed school the next day.  Cait missed school.  The cats had a massive meltdown & freaked when Libby walked into the house.  Now Kirby has moved into her room with her & is sleeping on her bed.

All good things come to those who wait.  We've waited 2 years & are making the most of whatever time we have together.


  1. :0) So glad she's home! May your time together be happy. xxx

  2. Hope you've had a nice time together :)