Saturday, 1 June 2013

Katie~Kreator Strikes Again.

 Caitlin is my creative child.  Last week she made herself some *galaxy shoes*.  I thought they were pretty cool so this week she made me a pair too.
 I have trouble with shoes ~ as my mother can attest.  Buying shoes always reduced both of us to tears because they do not make shoes to fit my sort of feet.  Hence the high tops.  They mightn't be a perfect fit but at least I have some hope of getting enough width for my toes while keeping the shoes on my feet!
 Over the black shoes Cait did a green, blue, yellow undercoat. Her shoes are blue/maroon.
 Then she dusted them with glitter & painted on stars. I am going to wear them to church this morning just because I think they are so super cool.
Then there are the hair wraps.  Not every middle~aged woman's thing, I know, & it caused quite some comment in the staff room because wasn't Caitlin embarrassed by her mother going round  with a hair wrap?  Seeing as Cait put it there, with much insistence, actually...No.  However I have thin fine hair & the original wrap, which she did for me up at ma's over Christmas, looks pretty ratty so she offered to do a new one.  While we were on the mainland yesterday we chose some variegated embroidery thread, pretty green beads & some silver swan charms to be threaded through the wrap.  It takes a bit of time to do one so she hasn't quite finished but I think we're looking good.

I believe a number of the staff, now they have figured hair wraps are for the older woman too, are also considering one!  A number of the kids also have them & it is a talking point & a way in because nearly all of them don't do RI.  One of the grade 7 girls made quite a bit of pocket money doing wraps at the Woodford Music Festival & has a number of different ones in her own hair.  I think she will like Cait's latest effort.

Anyone else their child's creative guinea~pig?


  1. My children all have talents, not so arty as Cait though! You are a very out there mum!

  2. lol Ruby. I think Cait & I hang round the arty~farty lot too much. We look downright conservative by comparison! ☺