Tuesday, 25 March 2014

One Concert Down.

St Ignatius.

Saturday after evening mass.
At least there was no monstrous cross dangling from the ceiling & threatening to fall on the choristers!  Cait loathes the one at St Stephens & I must say, I understand her caution. Still, terribly, terribly distracting.  So many statues, crosses, icons, candles....

This was the first performance for the year & we were off to a flying start.  Our car wouldn't start so there was my dolled up friend & Cait in her black evening gown up to their ankles in clay mud pushing the car so I could clutch it!  Then it was off to an unknown venue.  Cait handed me the instructions for after we crossed the bridge ~ which we did after dark.  Couldn't see a thing, could I?!

Toowong.  Have you been to Toowong?  Hills.  Up & down like a roller coaster.  And here's the thing;  in Sydney there would be coffee caffs & then some to choose from.  Especially on a Saturday night.  Not so in Brisbane.  We did eventually find one ~ after traipsing up hill & down dale!  That's  what we did while VM rehearsed.

Then up & down again to the church having done more exercise in 20 minutes than I would normally do in 20 months!  Terrific concert.  And for all those who tried the link on FB, I'm so sorry but I can't alter the settings unless I make it public ~ which I'm not allowed to do.  However those who have a google account can friend me then access the link via that.  It is lovely to see Cait being trusted with her little bits, even if it is only a few bars here & there.  Terribly important to the whole.  And I think she sounds absolutely lovely ~ though I'm biased of course!

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