Monday, 18 November 2013

Storms & cats.

We watched the storm roll in from the south yesterday, the black clouds luminously green with hail, the thunder rolling deep, the bay suddenly inky & 2 confused cats curling round the feet of anyone who went near the kitchen because it was already dark & that meant dinner was late.  I fed them early, as much because Kirby does not do storms well & slinks into the deepest, darkest corner he can find where he lies quivering until well after the last clap of thunder has died away & all the rain has fallen.  I do not know how he is going to make it through this summer.

Yet in the end the wind roared, the thunder thundered, the rain poured but the storm parted around us.  Ryan's computer screen showed the BOM map flashing angry black & red sparks on either side of us.

Yet the other morning the rain fell with hail, without warning, without wind.  We watched as it speared the zucchini leaves & laid the beans low, curtailing the boys early morning romp through the dew laden grass.

After the storm the air came whispering coldly.  Marlow curled in my lap as I lay on the couch, purring madly.  Kirby knew he was there & so curled on the armrest, by my head but he was not impressed that Marlow was getting all the cuddles.  Eventually I felt a little paw dabbing at my shoulder, reminding me that I have 2 cats.  As I chucked Kirby under the chin his little wedge~shaped head came down & draped over my shoulder so his whiskers just touched my cheek.  He gave a deep contented sigh & his long body settled into sleep.

Happiness is a contented cat.

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