Saturday, 16 November 2013

Death & High Water....Funny hats & all that.

 No the cap is not supposed to be worn at such a jaunty angle ~ blame it on the hair tucked up under it.  Ryan was ushering ~ & not so happy being photographed with his mother.  He'll grow out of it one day...

It was a very long day but the ceremony itself was wonderful.  Because we are an Australian Rhema we open with didgeridoos ~ then bagpipes.  The only thing I am sure the 2 have in common is reticulated breathing...

All the Rhemas draw students from the 4 corners of the earth & all faith backgrounds & so the flag ceremony  that leads the grads in represents all the countries represented at the school.
 This is the school team L>R: Jenny who co~ordinates academics; The Commencement speaker, Gary Costello  & his wife, who heads Awesome Church in Sydney [sorry, the name cracked me up & I couldn't stop laughing]; the little lady in blue with the big hair, bigger smile & biggest heart is our Dean, Karen, & our Pastors, Patsy & Tony Cameneti.  This is why Rhema is still our church even though we have our own.  They are simply awesome.
The official moment.

Some of Cait's camera work was incredibly dodgy but this wasn't too bad.  I'm an official Rhema Grad.

Glad it's done as it was getting weird moving forward as called yet constantly being dragged back into school stuff.  My own fault but glad it's sorted.

I really liked the way Tony read the charge to the students this year, identifying each area of ministry before reading the appropriate scriptures, & also the confession, which got charged rather late in the day & so is not as on my run sheet! If we can live up to even a smidgen of it we'll have done well!

Libby was supposed to be here for this; would have been if she'd stuck to the original schedule.  Missed her.  And my mum, who doesn't travel long distances at night any more. The girl turned out.  The man turned out.  And our island friend turned out so all good.


  1. Congratulations to you, and praise to the Lord for His faithfulness in this... xoxo

  2. Thank you, Julie. I think everyone else saw this on FB ~ except my mother! ☺