Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A Little Puzzeling.

Remember the Hojos?  Them what sent me a parcel from Ye Olde England?
Amongst the collection was a little 40 piece puzzle of Boscastle Harbour.  One of the highlights of our trip was standing on the river wall watching the tide come it because it came in at an incredibly fast rate of knots.

The pieces, though very small, are nice & thick & tactically lovely.

And they have some super fun shapes!

Took about 15/20 minutes to complete.  Not as easy as it looked!


  1. I liked the shapes too :o) I won't be standing by the wall today, 90 mile an hour gusts later, I could end up anywhere! Xc

  2. Here? Now wouldn't that be something?

    That is some wind you do be havin', me lovey. Stay safe.

  3. Oh, now that looks like a beautiful puzzle! I love puzzles, especially ones with a "twist" (funny shapes, extra pieces, same design on both sides, etc). Hubby tolerates my love of puzzles but generally would prefer to not work them.

  4. I enjoy them when I have them but don't go looking. This was really lovely to work with.