Monday, 28 October 2013

A Blue Moon Post.

Very occasionally, like once in a Blue Moon, I get inspired to make food.

I faced the fact a long time ago that food does not inspire me.  It is a means to an end, necessary but pure, unadulterated drudgery for the most part & not helped by the fact all of mine like to eat well! *sigh*

This, however, was extremely yummy: poppadoms, spicy kumara rice cakes with feta, a splash of mash, salad with olives & crisp marinated asparagus.  The blokes had a chop with theirs.  They're welcome.

There are enough rice cakes left for Cait's lunch tomorrow ~ which will make the staff room happy.  That child sometimes has some pretty inappropriate lunches.  And I should like to point out the baby spinach is our very own, the first of this season's crop!  Ryan has been picking his own lettuce all week for his lunch wraps, so the little veggie garden is powering once again.

That's it.  Personally I prefer the plates without the food...Blue & white's my favourite.


  1. That looks very yummy. We had chops tonight but I would have been quite happy with your meatless dish!

  2. Yes, the rice cakes are nice & filling. So nice to be picking food from the garden again & back to lots of salads.

  3. That looks so very tasty! I have no idea where on that plate a chop would go, nor do I think it needs it, but my fellows would probably request it! :)

    1. lol Birbitt. It got squishy. Men & their meat!

  4. Yummy! We try to eat vegetarian atleast once to twice a week much to dd's dislike:) she loves her meat!

  5. Yes, Cait & I very occasionally eat a little chicken but no red meat. When I have the time & can be bothered with the extra preparation our meals are very tasty. I really don't enjoy cooking so a lot of days are much more hit'n'miss. :(