Friday, 23 May 2014

One Sick Bunny.

In the natural course of things pre~production week any time is a complete circus.  We get locked into rehearsal schedules that fall apart at the last moment, change venues, times & dress codes & leave us scrambling all over Brisbane.  You learn to go with the flow & come very prepared.  It doesn't bother me overmuch but any time John has to deal with it he gets more than a little irate.

So I spent a good few weeks trying to organise transport on Fridays for the girl because we have other commitments & nothing was going to work unless we all went over early, dropped her off, did our thing then went back to pick her up.  My man was not happy.  It made for a very, very long night & there was no guarantee rehearsal would end on time.  We are talking the arts & artistic temperaments here so it was hit & miss any way I looked at it.

Then Friday Cait rang from work for me to come get her.  For some strange reason I immediately assumed she'd been sacked ~ though I couldn't think why ~ but no, she was white & clammy & as sick as a dog & it was her call to ring & cancel out of rehearsal.  I thought it was a wise call as she is in rehearsal for most of today & they open Tuesday.

I blame the chicken pox.  All growing up Cait was the healthiest & most robust of children.  She never caught anything.  One dose of chicken pox & wham!  Suddenly the child has allergies to soap, powder, shampoo, food, clothing, fragrances & she catches every stray bug that's going around.  She has had 2 colds in 2 weeks & now she has shared! Ick.  Today will be interesting.  Wish us luck.

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