Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Stop the world...!

  Yes, it's been that busy.  The sad thing is it doesn't sound so terribly busy ~ until you are doing it.  Prayer mornings?  An hour of my time, you think, then we sit round having a cuppa & a chat before everyone goes home again.  Perish the thought.

Firstly, certain types of prayer are just plain hard slog.  No 2 ways about it.  Intercession.  Praying stuff in. Hard.  Exhausting.
We are praying in our children's ministry.  We are interceding for Libby & for a dear American friend having a really hard time just now.  We are interceding for a number of unsaved people just now as well.  I cannot speak for anyone else on such matters but if the Holy Spirit says Pray, we pray till we're allowed to stop.  And yes, I normally do try to keep it to the hour because people have other things to do, lives to live, families that need them but not this Tuesday.  We were in prayer from 7.30 to nearly 10am, then I had a teaching video some of us wanted to watch on how Satan keeps people in bondage.  Another hour, but so worthwhile as we all got so much from this.  One lady took copious notes.  Then our leadership got together to prayer out what we had learnt into a troublesome situation.  By the time we were all done most of my day was gone & I was beyond tired.

Then, as FBookers know, Cait has been buying a new car ~ which we will go over & pick up this afternoon once she gets off school.  We have to organise spare keys & parking keys & a plethora of little details that can only be finalised once the deal is done.  So more trips than normal to the mainland but I am just soo relieved as despite numerous visits to the mechanic no~one has found what causes our old Barina to not start when it has been starting perfectly every time for weeks on end.  Even if Cait was licensed she could not have traveled alone in that car.  No more.  She still wants me just for traveling company some nights but more & more she will soon be on her own.

We also have a prayer day coming up at Rhema ~ which we are all looking forward to.  These are generally well attended & we get a lot out of them.  There's something about a corporate anointing that allows for really deep prayer.  Prophetic prayer.  

Then there is the mental preparation as Ryan is preparing to move back to the mainland.  This will ease some of my workload but we will miss having him round the house.  Well, I will.  I think Cait enjoys being an only child.

We are experiencing first hand that while the days may be long, the years are indeed short & passing all too quickly.

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