Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Post Driving...

The sun wasn't up yet this morning but Cait was on a boat headed north to spend Easter with my mum.  It hurt doubly because I had sent her over yesterday to have her first professional driving lesson, then followed later so we could do a movie together.  Like all good plans this one hit a brick wall because my beloved son, figuring that as she was on holidays & not singing, the car wasn't needed at the jetty so had left it elsewhere.  A long, long way elsewhere. Which meant we bused.  Busing meant a very late boat home.

Like Libby, Cait learnt her basic driving skills on the island before I let her loose on the mainland & she's accumulated all her hours either on long hikes up the highway or inner city chaos but like all long term drivers Dearest & I have accumulated some bad habits & so we like the kids to get some professional lessons before they try for their license ~ if only because they get to drive a good car with out the usual array of quirks ours always seem to have.  I also hadn't noticed she was tending to ride the clutch ~ an absolute no~no.  However her parking was perfect.  All 3 types.  True to form Cait has always been able to reverse parallel ~ something I've only managed in the last few years.  And reverse parking.  Going forward has presented problems!

Now we know what she needs to work on it all gets much simpler ~ & cost effective.  I admit that after Libby, who is a kinesthetic learner & prone to act as if she is the car, my prime criteria when teaching a child to drive is ensuring they don't hit anything.  All the rest will take care of itself but Libby was prone to drive the car where she was looking: at people, other cars, cats, dogs, brick walls... Cait is ADD.  Making sure she stays focused, hands on the wheel & not tripping out on the music in her head ensures we actually reach our destination!

So after an intense 2 hours Cait was ready for a little light entertainment in the form of Captain America.Oh. My.  Goodness!  Positives: No nudity.  No bad language.  No sex. Other than that: No storyline.  No character development. No sense. Ryan likes action movies.  Libby likes Romantic Comedy; Cait animated or super heroes. *sigh*  However perhaps she will return the favour when one of the strange movies I adore is on offer so I don't have to go alone....

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