Sunday, 2 February 2014

Healing, Prayers & Reading.

We have had a big week & a humongous weekend. I was in bed before dark last night ~ AND asleep!  I did get up about midnight to find Cait wandering round sitting on some super exciting news she'd got after everyone else was in bed so I sat up chatting with her for a bit.

The first thing was Friday night.  The 5th Sunday in the month [so there are only about 4 of these a year] Tony Camenetti leads a healing service.
We were already committed to coming on Saturday for the prayer workshop so John was going to skip Friday night, but when I told him there was a healing service we girded our loins for a really BIG weekend.  Adding on extras is a big step because our first priority must be our Sundays.

However the third in our leadership circle really wanted to go so I had to & then John wanted to.  If Tony is teaching on healing you know you are never going to sit comfortably on your backside & veg. Nope.  Tony, proclaims it,.He teaches on whatever aspect of healing he is covering & then he gets the congregation to demonstrate it.  It is a very practical application of the word because scripture says all believers can pray for healing & expect results.

Late night ~ but usually we have Saturday to recover.  Instead we were on the 8am boat heading to the prayer workshop.  Patsy Camenetti ministers internationally on prayer & I have been incredibly blessed by how she leads in prayer.  She is incredibly sensitive to the leading of the Spirit of God & very good at explaining what she is teaching in ways that just about everyone can understand.   Plus she's very sweet.

Saturday she was mostly leading on how to let the Spirit carry you in prayer, so it's not hard work.  The Lord taught me this years ago because I was getting overwhelmed by the need of the world but He taught me that if I listen for what He wants me to pray, He will raise up other people to pray for other needs.  I only have to pray what He gives me to pray.  This was sooo freeing for me & revolutionised my prayer life.

This was a workshop so at least 1/2 of our 4 hours was spent actually praying.  If you've never tried something like this I can assure you it is physically exhausting, even though your spirit is refreshed!  Our trio are all experienced prayers so we started getting answers & information coming through on different things fairly quickly.  Information overload!  As often happens to me I found God was giving Patsy & I the same information, big picture stuff.  John is the detail man but I get the vision because it's part of my job to lead the church where God points.  John gets to figure out how to accomplish that! lol

Sunday...ah, Sunday, was interesting because I had planned my sermon about the healing from the cross & doing a communion service is often a very emotional thing for me.  I can find it quite hard to get through because thinking what God the Father & Jesus the son went through so we could be free of the curse of sin just devastates me.  As a parent.  As a daughter.  It is overwhelming.

  Mention healing & people tend to think of throwing away wheelchairs, the lame walking, the blind seeing but the first healing from the cross was relational.  It restored man to the pre~fall communion with God, so emotional, intellectual, healing is part of the covenant.  And someone arrived who needed exactly that & was able to receive!  Thank you Lord!  We laid hands on 2 people later on in the park for the same sort of healing & both received!

Today Cait & I head overseas for her music, which is beginning this week so the Christmas lull is now officially ended.  Tuesday we have our prayer meeting early & I am heading up to the school after to help out with the year 7 reading program.  Busy busy busy.

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