Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Going, Going...

  We have reached that stage in life where Christmas Morning means everyone gets to sleep in!  There are no boats to catch, nowhere to go, nothing to do ~ or at least, that was the general idea.  VM put a serious spoke in that wheel!

Redcliff puts on a Christmas Day bash for their *Disadvantaged*. Redcliffe is at least an hour away from the Bay but we have Christmas Day boats to negotiate as well ~ & the sort of parking shortage that makes people want to string our council from the nearest yardarm.  Cait, however, was keen to perform because there is serious, serious money involved & after her Christmas splurge her bank account was no longer looking as healthy as it had.

So we organised for her to get a lift with someone else ~ which meant she & I were up bright & early Christmas morning.  Cait does not do mornings.  She certainly doesn't do them well.  Her dysgraphia means she prefers someone else to do her hair ~ that someone being me ~ but make~up has to be done before she walks out the door & bra straps removed.

The end result was lovely.  Unlike her mother, Cait has the happy knack of being able to dress well & look stylish & chic with no effort.  Having practiced frantically for 2 days the texts are now coming through as they scrap song after song.  Yikes.  They never got a chance to practice together so goodness only knows....However, VM has the happy knack of lifting for a performance so I am sure once they are down to the wire they will sound professional & absolutely lovely!

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