Tuesday, 26 November 2013

And now for something entirely different....

And now for something entirely different....

We have reached that time of year.  Last Sunday we raced home from church so I could caffeine up before grabbing Cait & heading off overseas to her awards ceremony & concert ~ always fab because all the choirs from the tinies to the experienced do their thing & showcase their best work.

 AVAE has been working all year on Benjamin Britten's A Ceremony of Carols ~ which is exquisite!  This is the second time they have studied this work but it is so lovely I imagine they will come back to it again & again.

This choir is now down to 7 members & as 2 finished school this year & are now in Europe celebrating there were just 5 of them to manage the tight harmonies.  They are now a very experienced choir so despite a little hiccup between the sopranos & altos as Cait led them in they managed very well.

Cait is never on the awards list because even after all these years she refuses to do her examinations.  I just figure when it becomes important enough to her, she will ace them!

And today is Super~Angst Day because today is auditions for next year & as always Cait has gone round & round over what to sing.  What she normally sings round the house, which is either classical or folky/Celtic sounding modern stuff [beautiful melodies ~ so pleased she's not much into rap & hard core stuff!] is either not suitable, or not really in a good place for her voice.  I get the full benefit of fantastic rehearsals where she hams it up no end ~ & she is hysterical.  Imagine a very sultry Bananas in Pyjamas.... She does this to a number of things as she has quite a good jazz voice, though not particularly strong enough for jazz.

I think she has decided to go with Rihanna's Russian Roulette ~ which Cait happily informed me was all about domestic violence.  If you link you may not want to watch the vid.  I don't know why modern artists feel the need to be 1/2 naked. *sigh*  I like other things she sings better but they don't require as much of her musically.  Typically Cait, she is being very laissez~faire about the whole thing on the surface while her feet paddle furiously below the surface!

Wish us luck.  I am already feeling fraught.  Travelling with a wired Cait driving ~ & ADD is not a reason enough to revoke a license! ~ is likely to send me prematurely grey!

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