Sunday, 4 August 2013

Another Brissie Rant.

Well Saturday was interesting.

We were here....eventually.

I say eventually because this is Ekka week. *sigh*  Nothing makes me as unhappy as Ekka week.  All that hoo~ha for a bunch of worthless junk.  Ok, so I don't have to be an old grouch about it & I don't have to go but sadly for me the Old Museum is the home of John Curro & the Brisbane Youth Orchestra, who are the other half of Britten's War Requiem performance & smacky bang doo~dah opposite the show grounds.

I'm sure you're all now scratching your heads.

If I say, They are closing off all the roads around the showgrounds light will begin to dawn.

Now you all know we have been here before.  We spent half our life here while the Gothic was being got together.  However my dearest, darling Cait , who was driving, chose a slightly different route in ~ & for all intents & purposes drove straight through Brisbane.  When I pointed out we were now on a direct route for my mother's on the north coast she agreed she had probably overshot her mark just a tad.  We had plenty of time so no~one was stressing at that point.

Half an hour later, having tried unsuccessfully to access Gregory Terrace it was a whole 'nother matter.  Caitlin, who very rarely loses her elan, was snapping & snarling as we circled the same maze of Brisbane streets yet again in the vain hope of noticing a solution to our dilemma, not helped by my difficulty reading the small print in the refedex, Cait not knowing how to google map properly on her phone, & the excessive number of NO RIGHT HAND TURNs we passed.

I had pointed out, early on, that if we went right to the end of whatever it was & doubled back we might be successful & in the end this was the only solution [what would I know? & Can you even see, Mother?]but by then we were 3/4 of an hour late for Cait's call time & all the street parking was either gone or Council had removed it!!!  Have I ever told you how much I HATE Brisbane?!

I directed Cait to pull into the Old Museum, which doesn't have enough parking either, threw the child out, in an absolute dither & looking unwontedly frazzled, & tucked our car, still with the L~Plates on, into the first available space.  No, it wasn't a brilliant parking spot but it was there!  I just didn't feel brave enough to tackle Brisbane on my own & look for something more legal.  So I sat in the car & looked at bricks & sky [just in case, you know, someone official came by & had a spac attack ~ in which case I might have found out where there is parking!]  No~one did except an officious woman in a monster car & I ignored her comments because by then car~sickness had brought on a migraine & I was in no shape to drive anywhere & my child was bored out of her brain & sending me inane text messages.

Three hours later we were allowed to head home.  

Turn left, I said to my child.  She turned right.  It was a veeeery looooooooooooooong road.  I have never heard of most of the suburbs we passed through.  I texted Libby, who was expecting the car. Hah!  Lost.  Could be some time.  We were.

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